Chemical Dosing

Manual Adjustments of Chemical dosing based on initial design calculations and adjustments done through periodic testing results either in overuse of chemicals and sludge disposal costs or underuse of chemicals and off-spec treated wastewater.

Automated Chemical Dosing is a valid substitute however they bring no additional value as the chemical dosing rates are decided through periodic testing. This is open loop automation, requiring supervision of process experts at every stage.

BPC has developed intelligent chemical dosing systems, which have been operating in ETP’s successfully.

Automated Chemical Dosing systems are based on inputs from Process Experts, through application of embedded analytics the system is able to adjust the Chemical Dosing Rates in Real-Time. This ensures usage of precise amount of chemicals for the required end results. BPC has developed a complete suite of software and hardware for each stage of treatment plant.

pH correction
Oil Removal
Flocculants & Coagulants

pH monitoring
Oxygen control
Nutrient Control
Closed loop controls

Organic load management
Closed loop automation of
1. Settling Clarifiers
2. Polishing System

Chemical Dosing Automation - Modular & Scaleable Solution

Automated sampling with array of sampling tanks with multiple inputs

PLC Analyzing & control dosing automation online for all relevant parameters

PLC Control dosing automation for DAF chemicals & pH adjustment dosing

Modular & accurate dosing which saves OPEX & provide sustainable quality

Defining requirements

1. Define the requirement as per spec
2. Complete the design

1. Discuss the detailed proposal
2. Address all dosing automations
3. Finalize the terms
4. Submit & approve the PO

1. Deliver all equipment to site
2. Perform installation
3. Perform succesful comissioning
4. Provide maintenance

Dosing Automation

Proposed Path

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