Tailored data Management & Analysis tool for wwtp

Dedicated BI/AI for Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Pure BI is a Business Intelligence software specifically designed to meet the wastewater treatment (WWT) industry needs.
  • With unique AI & ML technology that makes it easy to customize it to each individual plant – within days.
  • PureBI system is available as a “SaaS” (Software as a Service) at no capital investment.

Turning WWT plant raw data into Valuable Management Information

Site BI setup in a week

  • Only software, no physical
  • Remote support
  • Setup time within few days to a week

Focused and Intuitive

  • Existing Data - Automated + Manual
  • Predefined parameters and modules
  • Panoramic view of the site

Industry Knowledge Inside

  • Predictive alerts and professional insights
  • Benchmark in a similar market segment
  • Machine Learning based on industry big data

Make your data

Realevant & Accessible


Panoramic view of your site

Based on your site layout and configuration you can see in one view all the quality and financial parameters you wish to follow.


Prediction & Alerts

With a smart built-in algorithm be ahead of faulty processes, alert your operators and guide them to take action.


Optimize your Operation

Benefit from advanced AI engine that will provide you with market benchmarks that will help you streamline operations.

20 %

Significant deduction in OPEX resulted through advanced automation.

0 %

Less Sludge generation when compared to conventional technologies.

0 %

Better resiliency & stable output performance against inlet shocks.


Data Integration with PURE BI

BPC has a revolutionary biological treatment technology for waste water treatment, Automated Chemostat Treatment (ACT). ACT is a completely automated technology that treats effluent with very high stability, less chemical usage in the treatment process and produces less than half the biological sludge produced by other available technologies, resulting in reduction of cost of treatment over the lifetime of the plant.

ACT is a robust biological treatment technology that is uniquely suited for treating effluent with high levels of problematic contaminants like high COD, high Phenols, high Ammonia, high TDS and high Cyanides levels

Wastewater BI system that fits all needs . . .

PURE BI offers a professional solution for various levels and types of wastewater treatment facilities that range between dedicated WWTP and wastewater systems on different industrials sites.

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