Post Treatment Automation

BPC is expert in automation for bioremediation. As the next step in site improvement, our team successfully installed and commissioned the Post Chemical Treatment Automation at NEPL, Ahemdabad site.

The post treatment of 400 m3/hr flow is challenging. From PH adjustment to manual dosing of coagulant and flocculants the whole process needs precision which is a bit challenge if not automated. The site has very high fluctuations which require a very effective yet optimized post treatment to keep the outlet quality of treated water constant. The manual dosing of chemicals may leads to extra consumption of Chemicals which increases the cost as well as the may lead to a very lousy chemical precipitation. To avoid all these problems the engineering team automated the whole post treatment system including PH adjustment to the chemicals dosing. This upgrade process was completed under 10 days of time. This upgrade gives our site team the tools to effectively manage post treatment of the plant. Within the first week of application the chemical consumption is reduced and the process is optimized. The complete project was envisioned and completed within the defined time.

This is one more significant addition in the company’s profile.